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Personal Injury Law: Premises Liability

In Washington, proving whether an owner or occupier of land is responsible for injuries that occured on the premises is dependent on the status of the entrant - whether the entrant was an invitee, licensee, or trespasser. The highest duty of care is owed to an invitee, as our Supreme Court recognizes there is a special relationship between the business owner and its invitee. As a result, the business owner has a duty to seek out and eliminate unsafe conditions and at the very least to warn its invitees of dangerous conditions.

Common Injury Claims on Premises

Sometims people are injured while using recreational lands and want to know who is responsible. Washington has a recreational immunity statute protecting landowners from liability for natural conditions on their land, which can make it difficult if not impossible to establish liability in cases where the person injured was using truly recreational lands. On the other hand, many people have strong claims for slip or trip and fall injuries as a result of another's failure to maintain sidewalks, negligent removal of snow/ice, creation of trip hazards upon store premises, etc. Failing to warn of dangerous conditions like shallow pools, missing handrails, etc. can also support holding an owner or occuipier of land responsible for an injury. Contact our lawyers if you or a loved one suffered an injury upon the premises of another to discuss your potential claim.